Tarin Development

Welcome to the official launch our website,

The Tarin Development Corporation

We’re very excited to begin, but we need your help.

We are a hardware and software startup based in Monterrey, Mexico, the Latin American capital for technology & innovation.

Our goal is to make the best hardware and software products for the prosumer (professional consumer).

Indeed, we’re ambitious, but we’re committed to build upon our dream as long as it needs to be.


Throughout the years we’ve been able to identify key problems of our average prosumer.

Design, customisation, functionality, the factor of choice, build quality, availability and compatibility are currently governed by very few firms, and we wish to change that.

Imagine the first high-end, flagship personal computer, made from the ground up to fit the needs of those who need power, rejoice industrial design and demands compatibility & availability, a package that no company solves with a single product.

Our hardware aims to be the first that meets the needs of every prosumer, a series of devices handcrafted to be the best of their kind.


We have an enormous commitment for great, efficient software, seamlessly integrated with our hardware, working together in harmony to make you more capable than ever.


Mexico has been known internationally as a place of corruption, poverty and insecurity.

A word definition for Mexico, as seen globally surely isn’t “technologically advanced” nor “innovative”, which is why we have the right and responsibility to make a difference for both ourselves and the rest of the world.